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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So we have both recently discovered a new wonder of the world...thanks to our friends William Laing and Jeffrey Martin. You are wondering what this amazing thing is now aren't you??...well no fear we will share this magnificent find with you. Over the weekend, we spent time at William and Jeffrey's apartment, excpecting it to be like any other night, boy were we wrong...we soon found a candle on the table, appearing like any other, yet when we smelled it...WOW!! smelled like a NEW PURSE!!...a smell that the two of us are fond of...YEA! sooo if you are missing that smell of a new purse and yet do not have the money to spend on this amazing candle for a small fee of a few dollars...just ask WIlliam and Jeffrey where to find it!!


Anonymous alyssa perkins said...

so i am on taryn's computer and went to this blog and it is so funny to read that, william laing, what a guy. love you linds.

7:02 PM  

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