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Saturday, January 13, 2007

ok....anyone besides Jon Letoto who cares to guess what is going on in these pictures

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The ScandElous Boyce Scandalous Press

So, has anyone ever found themselves to be the current ridicule in a certain blog, under the title of the "Boyce Scandalous Press"? Chances are that if you are reading this blog, you have. Though the fabrications are often amusing to readers young and old alike, it sometimes is shocking to say the least when you see your name in a circumstance that you were unaware of. Well, please, this is the ScandElous, Scandalous Press - dedicated to fabricating, stretching, and just plain ole' making up stories about John Letoto.

Has anyone been to Java lately? Well chances are if you have been (on Thursday night) you may have seen a certain Hawaiian to remain unnamed, no doubt carousing with a certain YOUNG lady. Some would say jail bait, others opportunity, but either way you look at it, it was no doubt noticeable! I'm not sure whether there were stars in his eyes, or they were simply glazed over from staring at those small letters on the scrabble blocks (I mean he is getting old).

In other news, There has been word at Banana Republic that a new Male Model has been hired?!?!?! Rumor has it that the job description is something like Abercrombie holiday meets 5-7-9 "freeze frame live window" models. The real scandal in this juicy piece of gossip is that the new "window model" has a history in government or politics, and is now pursuing a career in ministry??!!!! There is no scandal that travels quicker than a religious or political one - so this is sure to make headline! His description is average height, medium build, black hair, and tan complexion. There has even been talk of a surf scene! Nothing says Merry Christmas like catching a wave!

Finally, do you have Holiday plans. If these so called Holiday plans have you in the Lovely Louisville on December 2nd, around 6pm, you are in luck. The Holiday Bash of the year is upon us! Bring yourself, and all of your friends to Fuller 120, and enjoy all of the food you can eat, and all of the coffee you can drink! Yes, that is what I said, FREE FOOD! And bring your tupperware, there is sure to be plenty left over, and the anonymous host desires no leftovers! So come hungry, or just come. There are Rumors of live music - can we say Celine Dion Christmas! (He called in a "favor").

Monday, October 30, 2006


Long Time No Post.... Some sun times had by all!.... (And some of our favorites - Taryn and Rachel!)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So we have both recently discovered a new wonder of the world...thanks to our friends William Laing and Jeffrey Martin. You are wondering what this amazing thing is now aren't you??...well no fear we will share this magnificent find with you. Over the weekend, we spent time at William and Jeffrey's apartment, excpecting it to be like any other night, boy were we wrong...we soon found a candle on the table, appearing like any other, yet when we smelled it...WOW!! smelled like a NEW PURSE!!...a smell that the two of us are fond of...YEA! sooo if you are missing that smell of a new purse and yet do not have the money to spend on this amazing candle for a small fee of a few dollars...just ask WIlliam and Jeffrey where to find it!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

3 things

ok, so I have 3 things to say, and unfortuately they all relate somehow to John Letoto - how does he get peoplee to do things like this???? ... anyways...

1. I have been doing some investigating on Mr. Letoto (due to #3) and happened to find myself reading his quotes on his blog - and I laughed A LOT!

2. This quote was found on John's wall of Quotes..... "I am irresistable too men...." by none other than Lindsey Poenie, and I thought that in case all of you hadn't read it on John's blog, that you would need to read it, plus i like too embarrass the Dome!

3. John's facebook status says "in a relationship" but he refuses to speak of this, so i decided since he won't tell I will decide who this mystery woman is.... and after reading the wall of quotes, and seeing who John spends the majority of his time with, i have decided that is is R. Lauren Duncan.... did you read that people, JOHN IS DATING R. LAUREN DUNCAN......that's right....

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Word of the Week with a twist...

Ok, here we go... this is the word of the week with a twist! I will tell you the word of the week, and you make up a definition and use it in a sentance.... AND you may NOT use any kind of dictionary or thesaurus or anything like that! Just make it up, kind of like balderdash! This could be fun, it's up to you!

The word is....

Sunday, August 20, 2006


So, uh, we really want to update our blog, but we are unsure what to do..... Do you all have any suggestons? What would you like to see, what would you like to know about Lindsey and I, what questions could we answer, what would be most fun and interesting for YOU???? Please Please PLEASE tell us!! We like you guys a lot!